What Will It Be – A Halloween Trick or Treat for 20 Million Americans?

Earlier this week I debated whether to juxtapose the 1960s television program Dark Shadows with Facebook’s political chicanery and decided to hold off posting that piece. Then. Then as I scrolled through the news of the day about the current impeachment inquiry, I read an article on Slate about the danger to the Affordable Care Act / Obamacare. Now, I’m convinced we are living in a Halloween nightmare.

If the courts rule against the Affordable Care Act on this flimsy argument, then we will finally know for sure that our country is headed for a return to the Dark Ages. The Dark Ages didn’t discriminate between rich, middle-class and poor. The Dark Ages gave us serious diseases and terrible infant mortality rates culminating in the Black Death aka Bubonic Plague. Research has suggested that between 75 million to 200 million people died during the Medieval Period. I read Connie Willis’ Domesday Book a few years back and her attention to detail made the horrors of that period timely.

Are Americans really so nostalgic for the good old days, they want to take us back to the Dark Ages of open sewers and foul water? The news of the day suggests we’re headed in that direction.

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